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Complex Package/ Shipping Validation Issue to Launch Key Products


Our client is extending its growth strategy requiring an enhanced capability in packaging / package design, logistics, shipping validation, quality, and management of vendors beyond current resources and internal capabilities


Assembled a cross-functional team of Logistics, Quality, Packaging and Manufacturing / Operations experts. We are supporting the client through the investigation, planning & experimentation, and implementation phases of the project by helping to determine: when and how to utilize engineering resources from package design and testing firms vs. independent engineering resources, the cumulative effect of expected Time /Temp excursions in the context of stability / shelf life and possible variations in packaging and logistics where to utilize off-the-shelf secondary packaging solutions where custom packaging solution are appropriate, trading off cost of manufacture and design with logistics and other costs. efficiencies anywhere in the distribution chain, based on decisions in packaging or other areas with complex, issues such as this, any key activities or decisions not assigned or staged.


Providing the client with a Roadmap for the packaging, shipping and shipping validation project, maintaining the timeline, Key program management... Enabling progress in a critical area without the need to scale-up resources .

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